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Traveling With Contact Lenses – A Useful Guide

Traveling With Contact Lenses – A Useful Guide

Whether Spain, Thailand, Japan, or the USA – we all yearn for that well-deserved annual vacation. However, if you are a contact lens wearer, there is a lot more thought that goes into your vacation preparation. In fact, both storage and cleanliness are incredibly important as contact lenses need to be carefully protected to meet a certain health standard; if not, your eyes will be in for a messy ride. Worry not, as we’re here to help with the following tips for traveling with contact lenses. This way, you get to enjoy your vacation to the fullest without all the unnecessary exertion, added www.directflooringonline.co.uk.

Pack Your Luggage Carefully

Are you planning to travel by plane? If so, you are probably aware that special rules have been put on place when carrying liquids in hand luggage. To further clarify, a maximum of 100 ml is allowed per item, which means if your contact lenses solution is in a large bottle, it must be carefully stored in your suitcase. Careful storage includes tight sealing of the bottle’s cap and storing it in a box or a resealable bag to prevent leakage. Ensure you have more than enough contact lenses (order lenses online) before you travel!

Beware of On-Flight Temperatures

Certainly, there are environmental and pressurization conditions in airplanes that can cause dry skin and eyes; which is a major disadvantage for most contact lens wearers. These unsuitable temperatures on-board entail the need to carry lubricating or moisturizing eye drops, in addition to a case where you can carefully store the lenses, just in case you need to remove them.

Maintain Cleanliness

Whether traveling in a plane, bus, or car, cleanliness is vital. Furthermore, if you will have to use a public toilet, the conditions are often less than ideal. Our advice? Maintain good hygiene to eliminate the risk of infection from dangerous pathogens, especially when handling contact lenses. Likewise, it’s also a good idea to carry moist disinfectant wipes and store the contact lenses in an antibacterial container that reliably eliminates pathogens.

bartender 2

How to become a bartender

Starting your career can be intimidating if you do not have experience in your chosen field of work. At some point, however, everyone has to start at a base level and climb their way upwards through hard work and determination. Being a bartender could bring a lot of fun and excitement in your life. While job vacancies for bartenders can be many, it may be challenging to secure a job. For each type of work, some specific skills, experiences, characteristics, and qualifications are needed. Here are some simple and easy tips that can help you start your job as a bartender.

Bartending schools

There are specialized online bartending schools that teach requisite skills and qualities required to become a great bartender. The instructions and online tutorials are very flexible so that students can quickly schedule lessons on the weekends.

The teachers teach students how to attend clients visiting the bar. They also provide proper training to students. Students are taught how to arrange utensils, furniture, maintain cleanliness, and to pour drinks in cocktail glasses in an efficient manner.

At the end of the course, these schools provide full-fledged certifications. These certificates are well-recognized and help scores of students get bartending jobs in reputed pubs, hotels, catering services, and restaurants.

Bartending requires keeping odd hours and working night shifts. Such working conditions could lead to sickness after a while. Keeping clean and maintaining a safe environment are incredibly crucial aspects taught in bartending schools. Online bartending schools also provide fundamental knowledge in areas of health and sanitation to maintain a clean environment.

Theoretical Knowledge

Reading books and studying theory does not equate to instruction manuals. Books are still one of the best ways to learn skills and practices in the art of bartending. Mixology, cocktail making, measurements, and responsible serving of alcohol depends entirely upon knowledge gained through learning. Through books, you can read instructions by bartending experts who have already mastered the craft. The best way is to run a Google search for the best bartending books. You can start by reading “The Joy of Mixology” by Regan and “Liquid Intelligence” by Arnold.

Follow bartending blogs

A steady rise to the top requires dedication and hard work. One of the best ways to increase your knowledge base is to actively follow and subscribe to the best blogs in bartending in the industry.

Follow blogs that are established and run by industry experts; those who post regularly, and offer extra content to make sure that the bar managers and the bartenders are well-informed and ready to step up their bartending game.

Watch YouTube Videos

Online videos on YouTube are the primary sources to learn the tricks of the trade in the bartending industry. A student can look through online videos on YouTube and learn to implement proper skills to become a bartender. Visualization makes understanding and learning very easy and quick. Your eyes will catch something better than only learning and reading.

Build your soft-skills

All bartenders should be empathetic and have soft skills to converse with clients at the bar. These skills include best practices of hospitality (which includes carrying a conversation), ensuring best dining experiences and, greeting clients appropriately. Soft-skills are the best skills to employ, especially when you are undergoing several tasks together. A bartender can develop soft skills to make customers feel welcomed before they even walk in. Online Bartending schools can teach you all these skills in a faster and more economical manner than others.

Have practical experience before starting

While there is no certificate required to become a bartender, there is a need for experience. Start small by getting an internship in a bar or joining a resto-bar. Practical and first-hand knowledge are the best teachers you can find. Start with really easy tasks at the beginning, like making coffee from bean to cup coffee maker. If you are unable to get a job, you can start visiting local bars and pubs, sitting quietly at the bar, and observing the head bartender as he/ she interacts with clients.

An online bartending course is suitable for those who don’t want to enrol themselves in a full-time class. After a few years, you would be able to transition from an observer to an expert mixologist. You may begin by working as a bar-back, and after a few months, show your skills as a bartender. Always let the owner of the bar know that you are aiming to be a bartender. Keeping the owner in the loop will help you get your foot in the door and start your bartending career.


How can a Vampire Facelift benefit you?

Vampire facelift is a new-age cosmetic surgery, that is said to be even better than Botox, which is expensive and has considerable side effects. The procedure requires licensed doctors as it demands skilled hands and excellent knowledge about the process. Remember, the procedure may take a drastic turn if done by unskilled professionals in spas and wellness centres.

A Vampire Facelift, unlike Botox and other cosmetic surgeries, is somewhat complicated because it involves drawing one’s own blood from the arm and spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets. These platelets are then used to add volume to the tissues that need corrective procedures. Before drawing blood, doctors need to do a lot of research as to which portions of the face need how much lift.

The procedure involves a fine needle so that it causes minimum pain. Painless creams are used to numb the facial tissue, and Hyaluronic acid or HA fillers, that help in lifting the skin from the bone and gives your face a youthful, plumper look are also used.


Advantages of Vampire Facelift

  •      A better alternative for Botox: Botox or neurotoxin procedures are not just expensive but may have extreme side effects. These may include pain at the injection site, infection, inflammation, bleeding, bruising, redness and more. While some these indicate allergic reactions, others can lead to severe consequences like wheezing, asthma, dizziness and fainting. Some patients have also reported dryness of mouth, headache and neck pain. None of these side effects happen after a Vampire Facelift.
  •      No allergy tests are required: It is probably the safest cosmetic procedure on the planet since the main ingredient is one’s own blood. The process that is adopted for extracting the blood is known as the Selphyl procedure, which lasts for about 15 months before a repeat procedure is required.
  •      Cost-effective and affordable: Unlike all the other beauty procedures like Botox and line plumpers, this procedure is considerably cheaper and ranges from $900 to $1,500.
  •      A multi-purpose procedure:  Vampire facelift also helps in skin rejuvenation, but it also plays an essential role in hair repair and is said to promote hair growth. It is also used to heal torn tendons and sports injuries.
  •   Micro-needling makes it less invasive: The needle that is used in the procedure is tiny and does not cause injuries to the skin. During each session, a microneedle roller with super fine needles is run over the face. These needles prick the outer layer of the skin, making micro wounds. This process stimulates collagen and elastin production.

After the micro-needling procedure is done, the platelets are injected directly to the wounds to speed up the healing process. These platelets are also known as growth factors, which, when inserted in high concentration, boost soft tissue regeneration.

  •      Vampire Facelift has a long-lasting effect: Traditional fillers and Botox work immediately to rejuvenate the skin, the results of which wear off in 12-18 months. However, that is not the case with Vampire Facelift. There is one more disadvantage of Botox. It blocks the nerve signals to your facial muscles, which reduces the facial muscle activity. This removes or reduces the wrinkles on the face. While this is a significant side effect, it does not last long, and lines begin to reappear after about 6 months.

Botox must be injected every 3-6 months, unlike the Vampire Facelift, that lasts for over 2 years before the procedure needs to be repeated. It is entirely different from the Vampire Facelift, which is based on the natural process of rejuvenation and healing. A Vampire Facelift stimulates the body’s natural collagen production and leaves a lasting effect. It continues to work long after the first session of natural and gradual rejuvenation.

  •    It is natural and guarantees speedy healing:  The platelets from the patient’s body are injected to improve the texture of the skin, especially of those who have crepey skin. Once the platelets are introduced into the body, it starts healing the tissues damaged due to micro needling and fills up the void created due to old age. A word of advice for our readers.

Always remember that platelets can bring back the volume in areas which previously had some bulk, not in the regions that were always hollow. While the Vampire Facelift uses natural process, dermal fillers and Botox are used in combination with neurotoxins for a non surgical facelift. Dermal fillers help in filling spaces on the skin that have become hollow due to age, irrespective whether they were previously voluminous or not.



Ways of reducing and removing stretch marks

The skin is the largest organ of the body because of its elasticity, which lets it expand and contract as required. Far too much stretching can cause damage to the tissues. The regular stretching and growing of the skin results in stretch marks.

Stretch marks can occur on all skin types. Anyone can become its prey. These often appear on the belly, hips, breast and thighs. They look like streaks or lines. Many women experience stretch marks during pregnancy.  Other reasons for stretch marks are the growth of the body in puberty and changes in the body, such as weight gain or muscle building.

Although stretch marks are not painful, they lower the confidence level and self-esteem of a person.


Here are some ways to reduce and remove stretch marks:

  • Laser therapy: It is one of the newest technologies used to remove stretch marks. The laser is a highly focused UV light that penetrates the skin from epidermis down to the dermis. The focused beam targets the affected area causing a minor trauma, which results in the healing mechanism of the body and ultimately repairs the damaged elastin fibre.
  • Plastic surgery: Plastic surgery is another option to remove stretch marks. Here, the excess skin is removed and tightened. For plastic surgery, a person has to have an optimum weight and should not smoke. Plastic surgery is not designed for removal of stretch marks but can be used to do so.
  • Maintaining weight: Gaining too much weight or building muscle causes the skin to expand and hence, stretch marks occur. To keep it at bay, the right weight should be maintained with proper diet, oil massages, and adequate exercise.
  • Moisturizing: Moisturizing is one of the best ways to remove stretch marks. It not only prevents but also helps in reducing them. Moisturize your skin twice with good quality oil to keep the skin hydrated. Moisturizing also helps improve circulation.
  • Tretinoin: Tretinoin is also termed as Retin-A. It is not recommended during pregnancy. However, it is a widely used cream to reduce stretch marks. This cream seeps down deep into the skin and repairs the collagen.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle: A healthy lifestyle can help avoid stretch marks from developing. One should drink plenty of water, maintain a proper diet along with physical activities to maintain a good weight, hence, keeping stretch marks away.

Some home remedies for stretch marks:

  • Aloe Vera:  Aloe Vera is a herb, filled with essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes that have antioxidant properties which work wonders for any type of skin problems. It helps not only to hydrate but also to repair the skin. With the presence of glucomannan and gibberellin, the skin increases collagen synthesis to remove the stretch marks.

How to use:

Take out fresh gel from aloe vera leaves, add some vitamin A and B capsules. Mix it properly and apply directly on the stretch marks. Massage gently until it gets absorbed in the skin. Do this twice daily and see the magic.

  • Sugar scrub: Scrubbing of sugar on the affected area helps in exfoliating the skin and removes dead cells. It helps improve blood circulation and enhances the healing process.

    How to use:

Take one tablespoon of sugar, add few drops of lemon juice and olive oil. Make a paste out of it and rub it on the skin for 10 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water and then moisturize the skin.

  •    Coconut oil: It is trusted for its healing properties and is found to repair the skin. Coconut oil helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

How to use:

Take a few drops of coconut oil and apply directly on the affected area. Massage it gently until it absorbs. Do this twice a day.

  • Extra virgin olive oil: Olive oil is extremely healthy for the skin and helps in getting rid of stretch marks. It is loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

How to use:

Take a few drops of a good quality olive oil. Massage it for at least 10 minutes. Repeat this twice a day.

  • Cucumber and lemon juice: Lemon is known for its bleaching agent and is used widely for removing spots and scars. Whereas, cucumber is known for its soothing effect, leaving your skin fresh and supple.

How to use:

Take 1 tablespoon of each, lemon and cucumber juice. Mix it well and apply on the affected area. Let it sit for 10 minutes, later wash it off.


How to Apply for DBS Check

Previously referred to as a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check, a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, is a service designed to promote a safe working environment across the UK.

Commonly called a “disclosure”, employers use a DBS check to make sure that the person they’re hiring doesn’t have outstanding criminal records, convictions, reprimands, and warnings. In short, it’s the industry’s way of telling whether or not an individual is a trustworthy person.

The Three Types of DBS Checks

There are three types of DBS checks. The first one is the basic DBS check which suits any purpose and is readily accessible online.

The second one is called the standard DBS check which is made for specific professions such as:

  • A contractor on regulated sites such as schools and hospitals
  • Social Care
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Childcare
  • Dental Care
  • Legal

The third type of DBS check is the enhanced DBS check which is usually reserved for those who are working with children or vulnerable groups.

Applying for a DBS Check as an Individual

Individuals can only apply for a basic DBS check. Employers can also request for a basic DBS check on behalf of their staff. Standard and enhanced DBS check are available only to organisations.

Below is a quick guide on how to apply for a basic DBS check:

  1. Verify your identity through the government’s secure portal, GOV.UK Verify. What you will need:
  • Addresses for the past 5 years, including the dates you lived there.
  • National Insurance Number
  • Credit or debit card
  • Valid, government-issued proof of identity


  1. Once the verification process is complete, fill out the DBS online application form or if you require a CRB check you can fill out this CRB contact form. This step will take about 15 minutes to complete. Remember that the DBS online application form will NEVER ask for your criminal record.


  1. After completing the form, you will be asked where you would like to send your disclosure certificate. You can choose to send it to your address or to your employer.

It’s best to have the certificate sent to you first so that you can be confident that you don’t have unspent criminal records when presenting it to your employer.

  1. A confirmation email containing your application reference number will be sent to your email after the application process.


  1. You can track the status of your application using your reference number, surname, or birthday.


  1. Once your disclosure certificate is ready, DBS will send you a letter saying that the paper version of your disclosure will be posted to you. The letter will also include an authorization code which you can use to access your certificate online. The online version of your DBS certificate will be available for 28 days.
  2. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of applying for a basic DBS check yourself, you can seek the help of these accredited organisations.

Even science party The Fab Lab has employees undertake a CRB to ensure the safety of the vulnerable.


Top Spas around the World

There are countless luxury spas and resorts across the globe. These spas offer everything from beauty treatments to yoga classes. Whether you need to detox your body, fix your medical conditions, dip in natural hot springs and waterfalls, or crave a wellness massage, we have you covered.

We’ve collaborated with The Float Spa to identify some of the most luxurious spas around the globe. These chic and trendy spas are known for their luxurious services and treatments and are sure to make your heart beat a little faster. Most of these resorts have residential facilities with spa packages to tailor your unique requirements. You can relax, unwind, and come out of the experience feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ayana Resort and Spa, Bali:

Located in Jimbaran Bali, the Ayana Resort and Spa is famous for its sunsets and spectacular views. White sandy beaches, ocean views, and infinity pools are just a few of the things you can expect here. The spa experience here is unique and has an Aquatonic Seawater Therapy pool. The resort has six luxurious private villas, two oceanside villas, 24 treatment rooms, cold plunge pools, a reflexology center, and massage rooms.

This spa experience is specially designed to cater to your needs and give you the best holistic and wellness treatments. The Ayana Resort and Spa is known for its treatments in detoxing, weight loss, and rejuvenation therapies.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain:

This gorgeous spa located in the south of Spain is visited by dignitaries, European royalty, film stars, and politicians from the world over. The SHA Wellness is known for its fantastic treatments in fitness, wellness, rejuvenation, anti-stress, body balancing, and weight loss and detox. They are also the Conde Nast Johansens Award Winner of 2017. Easy to reach, the SHA is situated at the Mediterranean with the bay of Altea on one side and the Sierra Helada natural park on the other.

Residents can visit the nearby city of Altea where houses are decorated in the white and blue, and take in the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea. The SHA Wellness Clinic also has long-stay residential facilities, suites, massage and beauty rooms, fitness centers, organic gardens, yoga and pilates centers, a hydrotherapy circuit, and an infinity pool. The pools use a water softener system which gives your hair a luxurious conditioned feel. 

One & Only, Cape Town:

Cape Town in beautiful South Africa is known for its scenic views and warm, welcoming people. The One & Only at Cape Town is a direct reflection of this serenity and beauty. Between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the One & Only Cape Town has breathtaking views of the sandstone cliffs and is an oasis in today’s hectic world.

This beautiful waterfront resort has special treatment facilities for its patrons. With treatments ranging from spas for 12 to 16-year olds, therapeutic power massages, invigorating therapy experiences, and anti-stress and relaxation techniques, the One & Only resort is exceptionally renowned for its results. They also have a state of the art fitness center with instructors and beauticians and aestheticians for beauty needs.

L’Alberata, Italy:

Located in Lombardy in Italy, the L’Alberata in a beautiful vine-clad villa that takes your breath away with its beauty. The spa at the L’Alberata is run by none other than Henri Chenot (of the famed Palace Merano) and offers the world famous lymphatic drainage massage, meridian-boosting jet baths, mud wraps, and the Chenot detox diet known to restore the body to its natural alkaline state.

There are resident teams of experts that help in tailoring health programs that boost the body metabolism process, promote anti-aging, and continuously assess performance in a result-oriented fashion. This treatment is excellent for healthy weight loss through radio waves and eye-rejuvenation through cupping and has gotten visible results from the majority of its patrons. Apart from the world-class spa services and beauty and health treatments, the L’Alberata boasts of exquisite restaurants, spectacular views, and world-class service. Perfect for anyone who needs a mobility aid or has trouble walking.

Schloss Elmau, Bavaria:

Located towards the end of the ELmau valley, the Schloss Elmau is entirely isolated from the hectic lifestyles and city rush that have become the norms in everyday lives. The spa at the Schloss Elmau emphasizes physical healing with touch therapies and Chinese medicine. Energy work that helps clear the chi, qigong, aromatherapy, yoga, and acupuncture and deep-tissue tuina massage sessions are some of the treatments offered regularly. There are gentler treatments like the hammam session, cupping procedures, Indian Ayurvedic practices, and steam, sauna, water therapy, and so on.

The retreat has six swimming pools, luxurious residential facilities, treatment packages, and wooden decks around the pool for yoga classes. They also have a family relaxation area, and kids play spaces where bikes can be rented to go cycling and take in the fresh air. Header over to reviewslot to find more reviews on your favourite spas!

Get Hitched Abroad

Weddings abroad have become extremely popular in recent times. Couples today are looking to break away from traditions of getting married in the family church and are willing to try something new. These betrothed couples are looking to add uniqueness, added value, and fun experience to their weddings. Many couples are also getting married later in the lives, some are even getting married again, and want to add novelty and brilliance to their marriages that were missing earlier.

The way most couples do this is by opting for a destination wedding abroad. Most couples think of beaches and snow when they consider getting hitched in international locations. However, there are many more beautiful locations available in the world.

Let us look at some of the best wedding locations to get hitched abroad.

New York

What could be classier than getting hitched in the Big Apple? New York has the best of everything from locations, views, urban beauty, hotels, resorts, and more. Many couples who plan their weddings in New York add a twist to the catering and select food stalls and local food trucks to cater for their big day. From a large wedding group to an intimate elopement, New York offers an incredible variety of wedding venues and styles, from local theatres to parks and gardens. If you want to have a luxurious wedding venue, the city offers some of the best hotels in America to host your wedding and reception.

You can also explore the city while getting perfect pre and post wedding pictures. Take photos in yellow taxis while your drive around Manhattan, go to Central Park, scour the back streets of SoHo, and take photos atop the Empire State Building.

Bali, Indonesia

Tropical forests, elephant rides, drinking refreshing coconut water, and wearing exotic clothing are some of the things you can look forward to in Bali. Get married in style by wearing beautiful gold headdresses fit for royalty as you exchange your wedding vows. Most hotel locations in Bali are suitable for hosting large and small wedding parties and can be booked in advance for low prices. Age-old temple structures, monuments, and magnificent mountains add to the natural wealth and abundance of Bali.

The paperwork is relatively simple to get married in Bali, and you will need your birth certificates, passports, and any additional divorce/ death certificates of spouses from previous marriages.


Brazil has some of the most surreal landscapes and is mostly untouched as wedding destinations. You can get married in ancient forests, near exotic waterfalls, on a ride on the Amazon river, or in grand cathedrals. Brazilian wedding venues are known for their culture and art and are rich in local street art. With fantastic food and friendly locals, Brazil is known for its hospitality towards visitors.

You can arrange for wedding planners and coordinators to help with the execution of your event and also arrange for local wedding caterers, decorators, florists, photographers, videographers, and musicians. You can also decorate your wedding venue with locally grown and sourced flowers for your wedding bouquet and venue decorations. 

Santa Barbara, California

Laid back, effortless, yet elegant is the correct way to summarise Santa Barbara in California. With abundant sunshine and stunning landscapes, this destination is brilliant to host your destination wedding. Most resorts have magnificent views of the ocean and have staff that caters to your every need. Most couples who opt for Santa Barbara are known to come back with smiling faces. The wedding planners in sunny state California are well-experienced in planning for substantial wedding events. They also help in the planning of holiday itineraries and trips for wedding guests.

You can opt for wine tasting sessions and wineries to host your wedding and reception or choose a wedding venue in the natural beauty of the greenery in California. You can also have a beach wedding if that is your hearts desires.

Madeira, Portugal

The Portuguese Island of Madeira is an untouched wedding destination. Couples wishing to bring something new to their wedding should consider this gorgeous jewel of the ocean. Situated in the centre of the Atlantic, Madeira is a haven for natural beauty, greenery, and water. Adventurous couples can continue their honeymoon on the island by taking hikes, around winding paths that lead to mists of clouds, visit volcanic mountains, and live in cottages. Verdant mountains stand tall at 1800 meters and offer spectacular backgrounds for wedding photography. The Portuguese culture adds to the charm of the island and is reflected in the food, drink, and traditions among locals.

Be sure to take a look at www.orlajames.com for their stunning range of wedding bands.


The Best Massage Styles Around the World

We have all heard that getting a massage has several benefits. It is widely believed that getting a regular massage helps in weight loss, skin tightening, stress relief, fat burn, muscle conditioning, and relieving soreness in the body.

Massage therapy is a touch-sensitive treatment for the manipulation of soft tissues, muscles, and tendons in the body. Therapists, acupuncturists, aestheticians, and physiotherapists use massage therapy in standard applications such as stroking, pressing, rubbing, and spot conditioning to remedy issues and problems with the human body. Steady pressure is applied to different parts of the body from light to deep strokes to ease the pain, relieve cramps and aches.

We’ve teamed up David Hurely, a qualified master practitioner in sports therapy from Future Focus, to look at some of the best massage styles around the world and how you can benefit from them. Before booking a massage appointment, ensure you have all necessary information about safety, security, reputation, oils used, prices, and time taken for the session.

Aromatherapy Massage

In aromatherapy massages, essential oils in different scents are used to alleviate discomfort. These oils are used in specific quantities on the skin and at correct temperatures to help solve a problem with the body. Lavender oil is used for relaxation and soothing away stressful muscles and cramps. Mandarin oil is used to treat insomnia, anxiety, or scarred tissues. Frankincense oil has antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe coughs, deepens breathing, aids during meditation, and assists in relaxing.

Different oils are used according to the condition being treated. Aromatherapy massage can be an effective treatment for stress, anxiety, relaxation, rashes, irritation, and skin conditions, hormone imbalances, and so on.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most popular massage in the world today. Akin to a relaxing massage, the Swedish massage consists of a series of relaxing strokes, gentle pressure, smooth movements, controlled pressure, kneading of the muscles to ease the strain, circular motions to improve blood flow, and friction techniques to relieve cramps. According to freakprint.co.uk, Swedish massage helps in pain alleviation, increasing blood flow throughout the body, easing cramped muscles, muscular soreness, and improving the overall immune system of the body.

Chair Massage

Chair massages are increasing in popularity since there are no oils required during this massage treatment. Therapists help massage the back, shoulders, neck, nape, shoulders, arms, hands, and legs while you are comfortably seated on a chair. Since there are no oils used, you do not need to change clothes and shower after the massage. You are also fully clothed during the massage and can be treated in the presence of other people.

Chair massages by therapists are frequently compared to motorised massages by massage chairs. Vibration and pressure help reenergise and balance the body resulting in a relaxing massage that rejuvenates.

The chair massage is used to ease muscular soreness, soothe and stimulate the back and neck muscles, and relax.

Deep Tissue Massage

As the name suggests, deep tissue massage is performed by therapists and sports therapists who concentrate on specific problematic areas of the body for spot treatment. Forceful strokes (deep in pressure) are applied directly to the affected areas slowly to treat the deeper layers of muscles. Dynamic techniques ensure in-depth penetration of oils, treatment gels, and muscle relaxants to all the layers of the muscles. Gentle, soothing techniques are then applied to the remainder of the body to ease the strain caused by surrounding tissue.

Deep tissue massage is beneficial for sports injuries, shoulder pains, neck aches, musculoskeletal disorders, and muscle tension in the lower back and thighs.

Thai Massage

The Thai massage is a popular form of massage that has gotten very famous in the past two decades. Thai massages are known to align and elevate the energy zones of the body. The overall effect of a Thai massage is an energising one that leaves little room for drowsiness or sleepiness. Blocked energy is released in muscles, joints, and the head and nape to bring immediate relief and a sense of alertness. Thai massages also help the blood flow around the body and improve blood circulation to cure headaches and migraines. With relaxing and straightforward yoga-like positions, the flexibility and range of motion get enhanced to reduce constant stiffness in the body.

Sensual massages are used for alleviating aches and pains, improving flexibility and mood, relieving back pain, and loosening tension in the muscles.

Several massage therapies are popularly sought after. With the hectic schedules that most people lead in today’s world, it is ideal to re-center the mind with the body. Excellent for improving the overall health of the body; regular massages can save thousands of dollars in medication and treatment at a later stage.

Easy workouts while abroad

Working out and keeping fit while traveling abroad is always a challenge. Deciding whether or not to carry gym equipment, weights, running shoes, and ropes can be exhausting. Almost everyone has to travel at some point or another. Whether it is for holiday, vacation, to study, or to work, exercising to keep fit can be quite harsh. While traveling abroad might be a break from routine and daily stress, it is not an excuse to give up on maintaining your fitness and good health.

It is effortless to give up on your body and eat indiscriminately without watching what food you are opting for. Not just the diet, but sleep habits, drinking habits, partying, meetings, and stress also take a toll on the physical and mental wellbeing of the body.


Let us look at some natural workouts, trips, and tricks to maintain your health while abroad.


Easy workouts:

Working out at your leisure should never be a stressful activity. Working out is physical and should come instinctively. Use bodyweight to start your workouts. Push-ups, squats, leg raises, and floor exercises do not need expensive gym equipment. Most of these exercises can be done without any fancy stuff. You might need a yoga mat, but if you don’t have one, just cover the floor with a used thin towel or bedsheet.

Instead of a sit-up bench, do sit-ups against a table or a chair that is propped firmly against a wall. You can do pushups with the help of a chair or at the edge of a coffee table, sofa, or chair.

If you are unsure about any parks, gyms, or walking tracks around your hotel or homestay, you could do on-the-spot jogging, jumping jacks, high knee jumps, burpees, squat jumps, 30 and 40-second planks, and kicks in the comfort of your bedroom. Cardio helps in ensuring your body gets heated up, and blood flows quicker and freely to burn calories and increase stamina.

Any of these exercises can help with your daily cardio workouts. The trick to doing cardio, floor exercises, squats and crunches while abroad is to do them in circuits with short intervals.


Yoga is a great way to keep your mind, body, and mental health fit. Yoga classes while traveling are a boon for travelers, visitors, and students. Yoga exercises help keep the stress down, improve digestion while eating ethnic cuisine, and are a fun way to meet like-minded people on your travels.

Yoga exercises concentrate on breathing, concentration, and improving overall health to remain fit. Yoga poses or asanas like Lotus pose help in maintaining a cheerful outlook while improving concentration and blood flow to the brain.

The Chair pose in a squat position with the knees pressed together and arms stretched forward helps in increasing back strength, stamina, leg strength, improving glute muscles, core, and arms.

Another fantastic pose is the Uttanasana or forward bend pose. Bend over to place your fingertips on your toes with your knees straight. This pose stimulates the blood flow to the brain, stretches the lower back and hamstrings, and straightens out the spine to maintain a healthy and erect posture. It also helps relieve cramps in the back from sitting in uncomfortable positions or meetings.

The best part about yoga is that it requires absolutely no expensive equipment or time. If you have some free time between meetings or in the morning, you can successfully perform these yoga poses for optimum health and fitness. You can find some great guides at kidsco.org.uk for things like baby carriers.


Other ways to work out:

Apart from confining yourself to your bedroom or the nearest park, you can also get out of your hotel or homestay and explore the place you are visiting. Opt for cycling, walking, or hiking as against using regular modes of transport. While you take in the new sights of the city, you can also keep up your physical fitness. Explore nooks and crannies, new shopping alleys, and minor mom and pop stores as you walk around the city. If you are at a beachside, go for a walk along the beach to view the sunset.

Another way to get a swift workout before heading out to sightsee is to climb the stairs of whichever place you are staying at. 20 to 30 minutes on the stairs, while you do walking lunges, squats, and climbers, is a great way to get the blood pumping.


Keep track of your daily calories consumed and exercised. Doing this will help you maintain your fitness and health even while you are traveling abroad. A morning run, jog, or walk will help keep you fit. Ensure you do exercises and workouts that you enjoy so you can enjoy your visit abroad to the best of your capabilities.


Travel Gear

Travel Essentials

Almost everyone needs to be prepared to travel at some point or another. Most travelers tend to be very organized about things to carry, essentials they require, and methods to pack. Infrequent travelers need to think carefully about which essentials they need to take depending on the location or the geography of the place they visit. Most families prefer going to resorts, holiday destinations, vacation spots, and children-friendly places. Even though these places might be relatively comfortable as against hiking, trekking, and camping, travel essentials and things to carry are still a necessity. You may also want a device with a good camera, like a huawei p20 lite from devicedictionary.co.uk.

It is imperative to be prepared with knowledge of localities, travel documents, passports, nearest hospitals, medical aid available and insurance before moving out of your town. Whether domestic or international, most people like being safe when going on a holiday or business trip.  Booking necessary transportation, ensuring the health and sanitary conditions of the place you’re visiting, and availability of drinking water are absolute must-haves. Let us look at some of the things that experienced travelers always carry on them. Consider buying a portable mini oven from velovision.co.uk if you want a kitchen but don’t have one.

Toiletries: Most people traveling to resorts and holiday homes tend to believe that the hotel, resort, or holiday home would have all the toiletries they require. This is not always true. Many products available are of general qualities that don’t meet the daily skin and hair requirements that are needed in specific climatic conditions. Ensure to pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, personal hygiene items, sunscreen, combs, deodorants, moisturizers, and lip balm. Many times, the products available are not of exceptional quality and might end up damaging your skin and hair.

Medicines: Any experienced traveler will stress the importance of carrying your medications. Ensure that you bring your prescriptions while traveling so that drugs can be refilled in case of emergencies. Carry medicines that are useful on a daily basis for ailments like stomach ache, flu, body pain, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and cold. One of the medicines to keep with you at all times is Dihydrocodeine. It is an analgesic used to alleviate the pain of medium to severe sciatica, joint pain, bone pain, arthritis (for cold conditions), and nerve pain. While Dihydrocodeine might not be used regularly, it is a beneficial medicine to keep at all times.

First Aid Kit: First aid kits are part of the few travel essentials apart from warm or summery clothing that you should always keep with you. Carry Band-Aids, hand wash, antiseptic liquid, cotton balls, medical grade gauze, pain relaxant, muscle relaxant, and flu medicine. Ensure that all the products are within the expiry period so that you do not have to face any adverse reactions. To the first aid kit, add some heat packs, motion sickness pills, thermometers, insect repellant, mosquito repellant, eye drops, and any prescription medicines specific to your condition and your skimmedlatte machine.

Travel Documents: Experienced and infrequent travelers must keep their travel documents prepared well in advance. If traveling internationally, carry your original passport plus color photocopies, visas with photocopies, medical insurance papers, and travel insurance papers. If you are planning to go sightseeing in crowded places, it is advisable to keep photocopies of all your essential identity documents instead of the originals in case of theft. Also, do not carry your laptop when traveling to crowded places. Keep your original documents and laptop in your hotel room or with your travel desk for safe keeping. In case of emergencies, the photocopies should suffice for identification.

Carry-on Bags: Carry-on bags like backpacks, haversacks, and containers should have small first aid kits and medicines. A small bottle or packet each of sunscreen, perfume, toothpaste, toothbrush, and moisturizer should be able to fit in your carry-on bag. If not traveling to a crowded place for sightseeing, your carry-on kit should comfortably store your laptop, notebooks, camera, headphones, universal adapters, e-readers, and mobile phones. Use small to medium sized zip pouches to store any liquids. Always carry mineral water with a few sachets of mineral salts to avoid severe dehydration.

Clothing: When it comes to clothing, always pack as light as possible. Clothes, shoes, scarfs, bags, socks, and innerwear take up space. Travel with as many multi-utility garments as possible. Carry fewer pants and more t-shirts and tops so that you save on space while traveling. Ensure you check the weather conditions of the location you are visiting, and plan your clothing according to the prevailing weather condition. Also if you have a child check out onceababy.co.uk for great baby travel items.

Should You Stay in a Hostel or Airbnb?

When traveling on a budget, your options in most countries are to stay in a hostel or an Airbnb. Hotels are usually more expensive than either option. So, what’s the difference? Is one better than the other? They both have pros and cons we’ve compiled some to share with you:

  1. Airbnb’s can offer privacy (if you rent one bedroom in a flat, for example). In a hostel, you’re usually sharing a room with 6-8 other people sleeping above or beside you on bunk beds. If you’re looking for privacy, go for an Airbnb.
  2. There are more chances to make friends in a hostel. If you’re traveling solo, hostels are your biggest asset because you’re rooming with a bunch of people in a similar situation. You’ll quickly find yourself going out for dinner and on adventures with the people you meet.
  3. If you’re looking for a “local experience” in the place you’re staying, both a hostel and Airbnb can offer that. Hostels are staffed by people living in that city, and Airbnb’s are owned by locals. You can get great recommendations at both. Airbnb are more likely to have things like pans for induction hobs.

What do you think of staying in a hostel vs. Airbnb? Let us know!

What’s in Your Carry-on?

Choosing what to take in your carry-on and what to store in your luggage is crucial knowledge to any traveler. Not only are there airport restrictions, there’s the fact that when on a long flight, you’ll want certain things available on-hand.

We recommend selecting a medium-large size bag for carry-on, that fits within the airport size guidelines. Even if you don’t fill it up, you might need the space on the way home. Plus, with the amount of stored luggage that goes missing or gets lost on route, it can be handy to have extra space in your carry-on for backup necessities. We always pack a spare outfit in our carry-on; underwear, socks, pants, and a top. If your luggage never shows up in your destination, you’ll be happy you carried a spare. Also remember to take out your hifiheadphones for security.

We also always pack in-flight essentials for entertainment and purpose. A journal, a book, pens, and headphones for entertainment. Headphones, and possibly a tablet or laptop to get work done on the plane. Then, of course, lotion because airplane air dries out your skin, and a snack. If you need to pack a baby changing bag incase of any small trips.

What are your must-haves in your carry-on?

How to Pick Your Honeymoon Destination

Honeymoons are the awesome conclusion to your wedding processions where you get to travel somewhere with your love. When it comes to choosing your honeymoon destination, there are a few things you must consider before settling on a location.

  1. Are you two beach bums? Or snow bunnies? Think about the weather and climate you feel most relaxed and happy in. People have honeymoons all over the world, and different climates offer different activities and adventures. What kind do you want to have? said Millenio.
  2. Length of Time. How long are you planning to be away? For some who have kids, pets, or job commitments, the length of honeymoon might only be a few days. For others, they can spend a week or more exploring and relaxing. You must consider how long you’re able to be away, and how many of those days you want to spend traveling on a long plane ride. This could influence if you travel far away or stay closer to home.
  3. There is a range of honeymoon destinations across all budgets. For honeymooners seeking a tropical beach getaway, you can’t go wrong in Central America. Where Costa Rica can get somewhat pricey, Honduras is notably cheaper and just as tropical. If you’re looking for a winter wonderland for your honeymoon, Colorado has some gorgeous ski-hill resorts perfect for two lovebirds. On the other hand, Alberta, Canada, has some amazing ski-hill resorts for half the price.
  4. Some people are happy to lounge on a beach at an all-inclusive resort with no stress or concerns. Those are beautiful honeymoons where all you do is enjoy each others company. However, some people want adventure and adrenaline on their honeymoon because that’s what they enjoy as a couple. Embrace the kind of couple you are and don’t try to be something you’re not just for the picture memories. If you like trekking, hiking, and being outdoors- then choose a honeymoon with lots of outdoors activities. It’s all about making this trip ideal for who you both are.

Your honeymoon is another celebration of your love and partnership. It should reflect who you are as a couple, and how you like to spend your vacation time. Some people are happy to spend a weekend away in a nearby city; others want to travel a whole country on a month-long spree. Regardless of the climate, budget, length of time, and activities, enjoying your time togetheris the most important thing to factor in. Where are you going on your honeymoon? If you need a mobility scooter ensure the place is friendly for you.

5 Must-See Things in Toronto, Canada

Toronto is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. It also has a wide array of walks of life; young families, university students, elderly, upper and lower class, etc. With so many cultures, backgrounds, and walks of life coming together, you can expect a plethora of interesting things to do. Here are 5 things you must check out when in Toronto:

  1. The CN Tower. Simply for a gorgeous view of the city skyline and the lake. You can explore the Ripley’s Aquarium at the base or do the adrenaline-sparking Edgewalk on the top of the tower. Then, have an exquisite steak and potatoes dinner at the 360 Restaurant Grill and Bar.
  2. Caribana Toronto. Every year, Toronto kicks off the end of summer with the Caribbean Carnival. From a massive parade with elaborate Caribbean outfits to nightclub events and concerts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at the festival. If you’ll be in Toronto in August, you can’t miss it.
  3. Toronto’s Chinatown is one of the best in the world. You have a giant array of dining options; not limited to Chinese food. There are vendors selling East Asian cuisine, South Asian, and cuisine from different regions of China. It’s also the best place for affordable shopping. You can get everyday necessities and high-end fashion for a cheap price.
  4. Skating at Nathan Philip Square. If you’re lucky enough to be in Toronto in the winter, then you’ll know it gets cold here. So cold, that the city builds a few different outdoor skating rinks. NPS is the best rink because it’s located in the center of downtown and lit up by the lights of surrounding skyscrapers and buildings. You can rent skates for cheap at the rink and have a legendary hotdog from a street-meat vendor. What more could you ask for?
  5. Jazz Music at the Rex. The Rex is Toronto’s oldest and more beloved jazz club. While it might not look like anything more than a pub, it has hosted hundreds of popular jazz musicians. Eat some delicious pub fare and watch the show or sit on their outdoor patio and enjoy the breeze.

Toronto has so many fun and interesting things to do. We listed our top 5, but there are hundreds of other awesome places to see and cool things to do in Toronto. What do you recommend people check out in Toronto?

5 Tips for Packing Luggage

When planning a vacation or trip abroad, the last thing you want to do is forget something crucial to your stay. What you pack, how you organize things in the luggage, and how you unpack are all factors that can make or break how your things get used and treated on the trip. Follow our 3 tips to effectively packing your luggage.

  1. To fold or roll? Some people insist on rolling their clothes to save space, we prefer to fold flat and place in packing cubes. Packing cubes separate all your items by category so when it comes time to unpack, you know where everything is. When folding your clothing it becomes flat and you can fit more layers on top of them than if there were rolled into a bulky chunk.
  2. Heaviest Items at the Bottom. Assuming you have a luggage on wheels, it’s more efficient space-wise and health-wise for your back to be dragging a luggage that’s weight is centered at the bottom. It will make pulling the bag much easier, and your items above it won’t get too crushed. Now, once the luggage is on the plane it can get flipped upside down and all over. But if you can keep the heavier items (boots, books, etc.) in a packing cube in one section, your other things are less likely to be disturbed.
  3. Plastic Wrap Liquids. There are lots of packing-cube options for toiletries that tend to leak. Use a packing cube that is sealed and can’t be unbuttoned or unsnapped open. Then, place each liquid bottle inside a plastic bag. Even though the plastic wrap is protecting your other items from being spilled on, it’s still a pain to have to clean the packing cube after a leak. So, place items in a plastic bag that you can just throw out when dirty and replace.

For people traveling with a backpack or duffle bag, the tips are similar. However, if it’s a roll top backpack you’re carrying, it could be more efficient to roll clothing to save space based on the shape of the backpack. You should also try to disperse the weight evenly across your back so that it isn’t putting too much pressure on one spot.  And as always, wrap your liquids so they don’t spill on your stuff.

We’d love to hear all the other tips out there that we missed. What are your tips for packing luggage? If your considering driving on your travels, check out Caravans For Sale for great second hand automobiles.