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5 Must-See Things in Toronto, Canada

Toronto is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. It also has a wide array of walks of life; young families, university students, elderly, upper and lower class, etc. With so many cultures, backgrounds, and walks of life coming together, you can expect a plethora of interesting things to do. Here are 5 things you must check out when in Toronto:

  1. The CN Tower. Simply for a gorgeous view of the city skyline and the lake. You can explore the Ripley’s Aquarium at the base or do the adrenaline-sparking Edgewalk on the top of the tower. Then, have an exquisite steak and potatoes dinner at the 360 Restaurant Grill and Bar.
  2. Caribana Toronto. Every year, Toronto kicks off the end of summer with the Caribbean Carnival. From a massive parade with elaborate Caribbean outfits to nightclub events and concerts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at the festival. If you’ll be in Toronto in August, you can’t miss it.
  3. Toronto’s Chinatown is one of the best in the world. You have a giant array of dining options; not limited to Chinese food. There are vendors selling East Asian cuisine, South Asian, and cuisine from different regions of China. It’s also the best place for affordable shopping. You can get everyday necessities and high-end fashion for a cheap price.
  4. Skating at Nathan Philip Square. If you’re lucky enough to be in Toronto in the winter, then you’ll know it gets cold here. So cold, that the city builds a few different outdoor skating rinks. NPS is the best rink because it’s located in the center of downtown and lit up by the lights of surrounding skyscrapers and buildings. You can rent skates for cheap at the rink and have a legendary hotdog from a street-meat vendor. What more could you ask for?
  5. Jazz Music at the Rex. The Rex is Toronto’s oldest and more beloved jazz club. While it might not look like anything more than a pub, it has hosted hundreds of popular jazz musicians. Eat some delicious pub fare and watch the show or sit on their outdoor patio and enjoy the breeze.

Toronto has so many fun and interesting things to do. We listed our top 5, but there are hundreds of other awesome places to see and cool things to do in Toronto. What do you recommend people check out in Toronto?

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