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5 Tips for Packing Luggage

When planning a vacation or trip abroad, the last thing you want to do is forget something crucial to your stay. What you pack, how you organize things in the luggage, and how you unpack are all factors that can make or break how your things get used and treated on the trip. Follow our 3 tips to effectively packing your luggage.

  1. To fold or roll? Some people insist on rolling their clothes to save space, we prefer to fold flat and place in packing cubes. Packing cubes separate all your items by category so when it comes time to unpack, you know where everything is. When folding your clothing it becomes flat and you can fit more layers on top of them than if there were rolled into a bulky chunk.
  2. Heaviest Items at the Bottom. Assuming you have a luggage on wheels, it’s more efficient space-wise and health-wise for your back to be dragging a luggage that’s weight is centered at the bottom. It will make pulling the bag much easier, and your items above it won’t get too crushed. Now, once the luggage is on the plane it can get flipped upside down and all over. But if you can keep the heavier items (boots, books, etc.) in a packing cube in one section, your other things are less likely to be disturbed.
  3. Plastic Wrap Liquids. There are lots of packing-cube options for toiletries that tend to leak. Use a packing cube that is sealed and can’t be unbuttoned or unsnapped open. Then, place each liquid bottle inside a plastic bag. Even though the plastic wrap is protecting your other items from being spilled on, it’s still a pain to have to clean the packing cube after a leak. So, place items in a plastic bag that you can just throw out when dirty and replace.

For people traveling with a backpack or duffle bag, the tips are similar. However, if it’s a roll top backpack you’re carrying, it could be more efficient to roll clothing to save space based on the shape of the backpack. You should also try to disperse the weight evenly across your back so that it isn’t putting too much pressure on one spot.  And as always, wrap your liquids so they don’t spill on your stuff.

We’d love to hear all the other tips out there that we missed. What are your tips for packing luggage? If your considering driving on your travels, check out Caravans For Sale for great second hand automobiles.

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