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Get Hitched Abroad

Weddings abroad have become extremely popular in recent times. Couples today are looking to break away from traditions of getting married in the family church and are willing to try something new. These betrothed couples are looking to add uniqueness, added value, and fun experience to their weddings. Many couples are also getting married later in the lives, some are even getting married again, and want to add novelty and brilliance to their marriages that were missing earlier.

The way most couples do this is by opting for a destination wedding abroad. Most couples think of beaches and snow when they consider getting hitched in international locations. However, there are many more beautiful locations available in the world.

Let us look at some of the best wedding locations to get hitched abroad.

New York

What could be classier than getting hitched in the Big Apple? New York has the best of everything from locations, views, urban beauty, hotels, resorts, and more. Many couples who plan their weddings in New York add a twist to the catering and select food stalls and local food trucks to cater for their big day. From a large wedding group to an intimate elopement, New York offers an incredible variety of wedding venues and styles, from local theatres to parks and gardens. If you want to have a luxurious wedding venue, the city offers some of the best hotels in America to host your wedding and reception.

You can also explore the city while getting perfect pre and post wedding pictures. Take photos in yellow taxis while your drive around Manhattan, go to Central Park, scour the back streets of SoHo, and take photos atop the Empire State Building.

Bali, Indonesia

Tropical forests, elephant rides, drinking refreshing coconut water, and wearing exotic clothing are some of the things you can look forward to in Bali. Get married in style by wearing beautiful gold headdresses fit for royalty as you exchange your wedding vows. Most hotel locations in Bali are suitable for hosting large and small wedding parties and can be booked in advance for low prices. Age-old temple structures, monuments, and magnificent mountains add to the natural wealth and abundance of Bali.

The paperwork is relatively simple to get married in Bali, and you will need your birth certificates, passports, and any additional divorce/ death certificates of spouses from previous marriages.


Brazil has some of the most surreal landscapes and is mostly untouched as wedding destinations. You can get married in ancient forests, near exotic waterfalls, on a ride on the Amazon river, or in grand cathedrals. Brazilian wedding venues are known for their culture and art and are rich in local street art. With fantastic food and friendly locals, Brazil is known for its hospitality towards visitors.

You can arrange for wedding planners and coordinators to help with the execution of your event and also arrange for local wedding caterers, decorators, florists, photographers, videographers, and musicians. You can also decorate your wedding venue with locally grown and sourced flowers for your wedding bouquet and venue decorations.

Santa Barbara, California

Laid back, effortless, yet elegant is the correct way to summarise Santa Barbara in California. With abundant sunshine and stunning landscapes, this destination is brilliant to host your destination wedding. Most resorts have magnificent views of the ocean and have staff that caters to your every need. Most couples who opt for Santa Barbara are known to come back with smiling faces. The wedding planners in sunny state California are well-experienced in planning for substantial wedding events. They also help in the planning of holiday itineraries and trips for wedding guests.

You can opt for wine tasting sessions and wineries to host your wedding and reception or choose a wedding venue in the natural beauty of the greenery in California. You can also have a beach wedding if that is your hearts desires.

Madeira, Portugal

The Portuguese Island of Madeira is an untouched wedding destination. Couples wishing to bring something new to their wedding should consider this gorgeous jewel of the ocean. Situated in the centre of the Atlantic, Madeira is a haven for natural beauty, greenery, and water. Adventurous couples can continue their honeymoon on the island by taking hikes, around winding paths that lead to mists of clouds, visit volcanic mountains, and live in cottages. Verdant mountains stand tall at 1800 meters and offer spectacular backgrounds for wedding photography. The Portuguese culture adds to the charm of the island and is reflected in the food, drink, and traditions among locals.

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