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How to become a bartender

Starting your career can be intimidating if you do not have experience in your chosen field of work. At some point, however, everyone has to start at a base level and climb their way upwards through hard work and determination. Being a bartender could bring a lot of fun and excitement in your life. While job vacancies for bartenders can be many, it may be challenging to secure a job. For each type of work, some specific skills, experiences, characteristics, and qualifications are needed. Here are some simple and easy tips that can help you start your job as a bartender.

Bartending schools

There are specialized online bartending schools that teach requisite skills and qualities required to become a great bartender. The instructions and online tutorials are very flexible so that students can quickly schedule lessons on the weekends.

The teachers teach students how to attend clients visiting the bar. They also provide proper training to students. Students are taught how to arrange utensils, furniture, maintain cleanliness, and to pour drinks in cocktail glasses in an efficient manner.

At the end of the course, these schools provide full-fledged certifications. These certificates are well-recognized and help scores of students get bartending jobs in reputed pubs, hotels, catering services, and restaurants.

Bartending requires keeping odd hours and working night shifts. Such working conditions could lead to sickness after a while. Keeping clean and maintaining a safe environment are incredibly crucial aspects taught in bartending schools. Online bartending schools also provide fundamental knowledge in areas of health and sanitation to maintain a clean environment.

Theoretical Knowledge

Reading books and studying theory does not equate to instruction manuals. Books are still one of the best ways to learn skills and practices in the art of bartending. Mixology, cocktail making, measurements, and responsible serving of alcohol depends entirely upon knowledge gained through learning. Through books, you can read instructions by bartending experts who have already mastered the craft. The best way is to run a Google search for the best bartending books. You can start by reading “The Joy of Mixology” by Regan and “Liquid Intelligence” by Arnold.

Follow bartending blogs

A steady rise to the top requires dedication and hard work. One of the best ways to increase your knowledge base is to actively follow and subscribe to the best blogs in bartending in the industry.

Follow blogs that are established and run by industry experts; those who post regularly, and offer extra content to make sure that the bar managers and the bartenders are well-informed and ready to step up their bartending game.

Watch YouTube Videos

Online videos on YouTube are the primary sources to learn the tricks of the trade in the bartending industry. A student can look through online videos on YouTube and learn to implement proper skills to become a bartender. Visualization makes understanding and learning very easy and quick. Your eyes will catch something better than only learning and reading.

Build your soft-skills

All bartenders should be empathetic and have soft skills to converse with clients at the bar. These skills include best practices of hospitality (which includes carrying a conversation), ensuring best dining experiences and, greeting clients appropriately. Soft-skills are the best skills to employ, especially when you are undergoing several tasks together. A bartender can develop soft skills to make customers feel welcomed before they even walk in. Online Bartending schools can teach you all these skills in a faster and more economical manner than others.

Have practical experience before starting

While there is no certificate required to become a bartender, there is a need for experience. Start small by getting an internship in a bar or joining a resto-bar. Practical and first-hand knowledge are the best teachers you can find. Start with really easy tasks at the beginning, like making coffee from bean to cup coffee maker. If you are unable to get a job, you can start visiting local bars and pubs, sitting quietly at the bar, and observing the head bartender as he/ she interacts with clients.

An online bartending course is suitable for those who don’t want to enrol themselves in a full-time class. After a few years, you would be able to transition from an observer to an expert mixologist. You may begin by working as a bar-back, and after a few months, show your skills as a bartender. Always let the owner of the bar know that you are aiming to be a bartender. Keeping the owner in the loop will help you get your foot in the door and start your bartending career.

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