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Top Spas around the World

There are countless luxury spas and resorts across the globe. These spas offer everything from beauty treatments to yoga classes. Whether you need to detox your body, fix your medical conditions, dip in natural hot springs and waterfalls, or crave a wellness massage, we have you covered.

We’ve collaborated with The Float Spa to identify some of the most luxurious spas around the globe. These chic and trendy spas are known for their luxurious services and treatments and are sure to make your heart beat a little faster. Most of these resorts have residential facilities with spa packages to tailor your unique requirements. You can relax, unwind, and come out of the experience feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ayana Resort and Spa, Bali:

Located in Jimbaran Bali, the Ayana Resort and Spa is famous for its sunsets and spectacular views. White sandy beaches, ocean views, and infinity pools are just a few of the things you can expect here. The spa experience here is unique and has an Aquatonic Seawater Therapy pool. The resort has six luxurious private villas, two oceanside villas, 24 treatment rooms, cold plunge pools, a reflexology center, and massage rooms.

This spa experience is specially designed to cater to your needs and give you the best holistic and wellness treatments. The Ayana Resort and Spa is known for its treatments in detoxing, weight loss, and rejuvenation therapies.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain:

This gorgeous spa located in the south of Spain is visited by dignitaries, European royalty, film stars, and politicians from the world over. The SHA Wellness is known for its fantastic treatments in fitness, wellness, rejuvenation, anti-stress, body balancing, and weight loss and detox. They are also the Conde Nast Johansens Award Winner of 2017. Easy to reach, the SHA is situated at the Mediterranean with the bay of Altea on one side and the Sierra Helada natural park on the other.

Residents can visit the nearby city of Altea where houses are decorated in the white and blue, and take in the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea. The SHA Wellness Clinic also has long-stay residential facilities, suites, massage and beauty rooms, fitness centers, organic gardens, yoga and pilates centers, a hydrotherapy circuit, and an infinity pool. The pools use a water softener system which gives your hair a luxurious conditioned feel. 

One & Only, Cape Town:

Cape Town in beautiful South Africa is known for its scenic views and warm, welcoming people. The One & Only at Cape Town is a direct reflection of this serenity and beauty. Between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the One & Only Cape Town has breathtaking views of the sandstone cliffs and is an oasis in today’s hectic world.

This beautiful waterfront resort has special treatment facilities for its patrons. With treatments ranging from spas for 12 to 16-year olds, therapeutic power massages, invigorating therapy experiences, and anti-stress and relaxation techniques, the One & Only resort is exceptionally renowned for its results. They also have a state of the art fitness center with instructors and beauticians and aestheticians for beauty needs.

L’Alberata, Italy:

Located in Lombardy in Italy, the L’Alberata in a beautiful vine-clad villa that takes your breath away with its beauty. The spa at the L’Alberata is run by none other than Henri Chenot (of the famed Palace Merano) and offers the world famous lymphatic drainage massage, meridian-boosting jet baths, mud wraps, and the Chenot detox diet known to restore the body to its natural alkaline state.

There are resident teams of experts that help in tailoring health programs that boost the body metabolism process, promote anti-aging, and continuously assess performance in a result-oriented fashion. This treatment is excellent for healthy weight loss through radio waves and eye-rejuvenation through cupping and has gotten visible results from the majority of its patrons. Apart from the world-class spa services and beauty and health treatments, the L’Alberata boasts of exquisite restaurants, spectacular views, and world-class service. Perfect for anyone who needs a mobility aid or has trouble walking.

Schloss Elmau, Bavaria:

Located towards the end of the ELmau valley, the Schloss Elmau is entirely isolated from the hectic lifestyles and city rush that have become the norms in everyday lives. The spa at the Schloss Elmau emphasizes physical healing with touch therapies and Chinese medicine. Energy work that helps clear the chi, qigong, aromatherapy, yoga, and acupuncture and deep-tissue tuina massage sessions are some of the treatments offered regularly. There are gentler treatments like the hammam session, cupping procedures, Indian Ayurvedic practices, and steam, sauna, water therapy, and so on.

The retreat has six swimming pools, luxurious residential facilities, treatment packages, and wooden decks around the pool for yoga classes. They also have a family relaxation area, and kids play spaces where bikes can be rented to go cycling and take in the fresh air. Header over to reviewslot to find more reviews on your favourite spas!

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