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Traveling With Contact Lenses – A Useful Guide

Traveling With Contact Lenses – A Useful Guide

Whether Spain, Thailand, Japan, or the USA – we all yearn for that well-deserved annual vacation. However, if you are a contact lens wearer, there is a lot more thought that goes into your vacation preparation. In fact, both storage and cleanliness are incredibly important as contact lenses need to be carefully protected to meet a certain health standard; if not, your eyes will be in for a messy ride. Worry not, as we’re here to help with the following tips for traveling with contact lenses. This way, you get to enjoy your vacation to the fullest without all the unnecessary exertion, added www.directflooringonline.co.uk.

Pack Your Luggage Carefully

Are you planning to travel by plane? If so, you are probably aware that special rules have been put on place when carrying liquids in hand luggage. To further clarify, a maximum of 100 ml is allowed per item, which means if your contact lenses solution is in a large bottle, it must be carefully stored in your suitcase. Careful storage includes tight sealing of the bottle’s cap and storing it in a box or a resealable bag to prevent leakage. Ensure you have more than enough contact lenses (order lenses online) before you travel!

Beware of On-Flight Temperatures

Certainly, there are environmental and pressurization conditions in airplanes that can cause dry skin and eyes; which is a major disadvantage for most contact lens wearers. These unsuitable temperatures on-board entail the need to carry lubricating or moisturizing eye drops, in addition to a case where you can carefully store the lenses, just in case you need to remove them.

Maintain Cleanliness

Whether traveling in a plane, bus, or car, cleanliness is vital. Furthermore, if you will have to use a public toilet, the conditions are often less than ideal. Our advice? Maintain good hygiene to eliminate the risk of infection from dangerous pathogens, especially when handling contact lenses. Likewise, it’s also a good idea to carry moist disinfectant wipes and store the contact lenses in an antibacterial container that reliably eliminates pathogens.

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