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What’s in Your Carry-on?

Choosing what to take in your carry-on and what to store in your luggage is crucial knowledge to any traveler. Not only are there airport restrictions, there’s the fact that when on a long flight, you’ll want certain things available on-hand.

We recommend selecting a medium-large size bag for carry-on, that fits within the airport size guidelines. Even if you don’t fill it up, you might need the space on the way home. Plus, with the amount of stored luggage that goes missing or gets lost on route, it can be handy to have extra space in your carry-on for backup necessities. We always pack a spare outfit in our carry-on; underwear, socks, pants, and a top. If your luggage never shows up in your destination, you’ll be happy you carried a spare.

We also always pack in-flight essentials for entertainment and purpose. A journal, a book, pens, and headphones for entertainment. Headphones, and possibly a tablet or laptop to get work done on the plane. Then, of course, lotion because airplane air dries out your skin, and a snack.

What are your must-haves in your carry-on?

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